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Phuktal<br />

Phuktal Monastery – The Monastery Resembling a Honeycomb

Ladakh never ceases to surprise. Whether it is the exotic birds soaring in the sky, the tranquil Pangong Lake located 4350 meters above the sea level or just the stunning Himalayan landscape; it’s a place that can amaze any traveller. One such surprise that Ladakh has in store for us is the Phuktal Monastery..

Palitana - Shatrunjaya temple

Palitana – Shatrunjaya: A mountain with more than 900 temples

India is a country rooted in faith and religion. We have followers of more than a dozen religions living in our country worshipping nearly 33 million Gods. That is why our country rightfully deserves the tag of being the spiritual hub of the world.

Western Ghats One of the World’s Most Bio-Diverse Regions

Western Ghats: One of the World’s Most Bio-Diverse Regions

At least 40 per cent of the world’s economy and 80 per cent of the needs of the poor are derived from biological resources. In addition, the richer the diversity of life, the greater the opportunity..

Image - lonar crater lake in buldhana maharashtra

World’s Third Largest Crater- Lonar Lake

From the continents we live in, to the rivers that flow through the lands, every natural structure on the earth has a geographical story to tell. A few among these are based on occurrences..

A tryst with the<br />
clouds- Meghamalai

A tryst with the clouds – Meghamalai

Meghamalai, which means mountain of clouds, is definitely a mountain range among the clouds. Situated in Theni district of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, with its lush green forests, never ending rows of hills..

St Marys Island, Malpi, Karnataka

Basalt monuments of St.Mary’s Island

Incredible India is blessed with many awe-inspiring natural wonders. Sunderbans of West Bengal, Valley of flowers in Uttarakhand, living root bridges of Meghalaya, Bora caves in Andhra Pradesh are just a few of them..


Get Wet with HMOA!!!

Pack your bags and get ready to abseil the most popular waterfall in Rajasthan.

Feel the Waters Rushing on your face, while you are getting down with the help of the ropes, getting down a natural Waterfall.


• Waterfall Rappelling

We at HMOA invite you for Waterfall Rappelling session at Bhimlath Waterfall near Bundi in this rainy season.

Available Dates:

Batch 1: 2nd Oct’14
Batch 2: 3rd Oct’14
Batch 4: 4th Oct’14
Batch 5: 5th Oct’14

Rappelling (English Name) also known as abseiling (German Name) is a method of a quick and safe descend after a climb. It’s an act of descending a mountain face by sliding down a rope, which is attached to a body harness and fastened to an overhead projection, with sufficient friction provided as to make the speed of descent controllable.

The only difference here is we will be rappelling down through a flowing waterfall, pouring water on us as we come down.

It’s the best exercise to overcome the fear of height. Feel the thrill of suspension at the height of about 170 feet’s. Come experience the incredible feeling of success and accomplishment when you touch the ground.

The tentative itinerary for the Event is as given below:

Itinerary (might change as per the group requirements)
06:30 am – departure from Jaipur (*as per meeting point decided)
09:30 am – breakfast on the way
11:00 am – arrival at Bhimlath Camp.
11:15 am – briefing & demonstration
11:30 pm – activity begins
01:30 pm – lunch**
02:00 pm – adventure activities continuous
05:00 pm – fun time (chill yourself in water)
05:30 pm -activity ends
06:00 pm- departure with dinner on the way.
Things To Be carried:

Identity proof (must)
Personal Snacks For the Day, A bottle of water (at least 2 Ltrs),
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
Towel, a napkin, Extra Pair of clothes
Camera, Cap, Windcheaters, etc. (Optional)

Medicine: those if u require usually
A good Sports shoes, extra pair of socks
A haversack to put in all the things to be carried.. Pleases do not carry sling bags or Jholas.
Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.

The charges for the event is Rs 2000/- per head which includes
Traveling from Jaipur to Jaipur by private A.c Innova,
Breakfast and evening refreshments. lunch
Event charges,
Expertise, & equipment.

**Extra Rappelling will cost Rs 500/- Per Rappel, and will be permitted only after every person has done with his first chance.

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Into The Wild – Meghalaya | Nov 28th – Dec 6th, 2014

If you’ve been looking to immerse yourself in the magic of the NorthEast, here’s your chance!

Grab a few friends and join us on a fun-filled 9 day visit to the beautiful forests of Assam & Meghalaya this November/ December.

Loads of fun activities (see below) interspersed with unique insightful perspectives into –
• the ongoing debate on whether environment & development can co-exist,
• the ancient matrilineal system & other traditional practices of the Khasi tribe, and
• environment and the role we can play in protecting it.

• Two exciting days in Kaziranga, the magnificent national park…
• Followed by seven more in lush green Meghalaya
• Hands-on photography lessons while watching wildlife in the heart of nature
• Learning about the ‘web of life’ & the positive roles we can play within it…
• Doing this inside an awe-inspiring sacred grove – one of Meghalaya’s ancient forests
• Trekking alongside a serenely beautiful river, through magnificent forests and quaint Khasi villages
• Spending time at the fantastic Living Root bridges – a true example of human ingenuity & our ability to learn from Nature
• Film screenings and stimulating discussions
• Inspiring face-to-face interactions with organisations working on local culture and issues
• Watching archery contests, music, fun conversations & making new friends in Shillong

Pictures from our earlier visits to Meghalaya –

Pictures from our other trips –

Call us NOW –
Vinod – +91 98191 54365 & Homi – +91 98691 75484.

Or email us at for a detailed itinerary & costs, and for confirming your participation.

Cheers! :)
The JwM team

Pune Panchgani 100K Classic – 28th Sept 2014

The Lifecycle PBCh Race has been conducted twice a year for 3 years, on two different routes: Sinhagad Fort and Lavasa. This time we are conducting a road race to Panchgani. With a total elevation gain of 1500 mt or 5000 ft this one promises to test the toughest! The small climb of Katraj is followed by a small downhill and a flat, until one crosses the backwaters of Veer Dam near Shirwal. After that one starts climbing a low gradient till the next climb up Khambatki ghat, a small descent and one turns off the highway toward Wai and starts the 10 km long Pasarni ghat climb to Panchgani.

The previous 6 editions have been completed successfully, attracting a huge diversity of participants whom ranged in age from 15 to 61 yrs. Participants are of diverse backgrounds, from amateur leisure cyclists to state and national level athletes. Participants come from Hyderabad, Sangli, Bangalore, Mumbai, Nashik, Kolhapur, Ahmedabad and Chennai. The race takes on an international flavor with riders from Russia, Israel, Germany, America, Norway, Holland and Scotland also having participated. Previous editions are well known for being hard fought, with amateurs and pros both battling it out for the podium.

Race Details

Date : 28th September 2014

Time : 6.30 a.m.

Start Venue : Pune

Finish Venue : Harrison’s Folly, Panchgani


25th September – Online Registration Closes – 12 midnight

27th September – Mandatory Rider Briefing, Issuing of Rider no. and printed instructions, Signing of indemnity forms at Lifecycle Mall – 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

27th September – Volunteers briefing at Lifecycle Mall – 7 p.m. onwards

Event Day Details

5.30 a.m. – Reporting at Lifecycle mall

6.15 a.m. – Start of Neutral section from Lifecycle Mall

11.30 a.m. – Finish of all race categories

11.30 a.m. – Breakfast

12.00 noon – Prize announcement ceremony

6.30 p.m. – Prize distribution ceremony at Lifecycle Mall

Race Categories

1. There are two Categories of Bikes – Road Bikes and Hybrid. In Men’s Youth, Women’s Open and Women’s Masters the bike categories are merged. Riders can choose to ride on a Hybrid or Road Bike.

2. Racers in Masters and U-18 category must fit in to the age criteria described below, and provide a copy of age proof.

3. Bike and age Criteria are described in detail below. Please ensure that you register in the correct bike and age category. MTB, Fixed wheel or recumbent bikes are not allowed.

4. If there are less than 3 participants in any category, the race will be cancelled, but participants may ride in the open category, as directed by race committee or receive a refund. Bike Categories will not be merged with each other.

1 position will be declared for a race with minimum 3 registrations.
2 positions will be declared for a race with 4 to 6 registrations.
3 positions will be declared for a race with 7 or more registrations.

Age Criteria –

U-18 (Youth) :

Born in the years 1997, ’98 and ’99 (i.e. all persons born between 1st Jan 1997 and 31st Dec 1999). Copy of Birth Certificate, Passport or other Age proof is required to be submitted at time of mandatory rider briefing session on 28th September at Lifecycle mall alongwith the signature of parent/guardian.

Masters :

Born in 1974 or before (i.e. all persons born on or before 31st Dec 1974) Proof of age in the form of copy of driving license, Pancard, Passport or any other government attested document is required to be submitted at time of mandatory rider briefing session on 28th September at Lifecycle mall.

Bike Criteria –

Road Racing :

Must have a freewheel mechanism (single or multiple gears), two working brakes; two wheels equal in size – 700c (622mm bead seat diameter of rim and tyre) and a drop handlebar (curved racing handlebar). Tyre sizes of varying widths are permitted. Track (fixed wheel) or recumbent bikes are not allowed. Not allowed are aero bars or aero bar extensions these must be removed before the event.

Hybrid Bikes

Must have a freewheel mechanism (single or multiple gears), two working brakes (V, cantilever or disc); two wheels equal in size – 700c (622mm bead seat diameter of rim and tyre) or 28in (622mm bead seat diameter of rim and tyre) wheels and a flat or riser handlebar. Bar ends are permitted. The fork may be rigid or with suspension. Tyre sizes of varying widths are permitted. Not allowed are aero bars or aero bar extensions these must be removed before the event. MTB, Fixed wheel or recumbent bikes are not allowed.

No Mountain Bikes allowed

Rules & Regulations

Guiding Principles behind the Rules and Regulations :
1. To ensure the safety of all participants.
2. To run a clean race and ensure fair play.

A – General :

1. Wearing of Helmets is Mandatory. Helmet straps are to be secured firmly. If found riding without a helmet, rider will be disqualified and rider no. will be immediately taken away.

2. The Bicycle must have working brakes.

3. Wearing of Rider No. is Mandatory. Rider number should be clearly visible on the left and right thigh of riders. It is the riders’ responsibility to ensure that the number affixed properly, and remain unfolded and clearly visible for entire duration of the race.

4. Riders need to line up at the start line according to their categories for the Mass start. Road bikes ahead of Hybrid bikes. You will be guided by marshals on race day.

5. There will be a Neutral zone from opp. Lifecycle Mall, until the start line on the Bombay-Pune Highway. All riders will reassemble; rider attendance will be taken before flagging off the race.

6. Racers are warned that the road is not closed to regular traffic. Race with full awareness of other users on the road.

7. Riders who have finished the race must not block the finish line area. They may walk their bicycles back along course to the gate of Harrison’s Folly, staging area of finish. Riding back along the race course while the race is in progress is strictly not allowed and will result in a penalty.

8. Any rider found violating any of the rules will be subject to the decision made by the Race Committee.

9. Race Committee’s decision regarding results is final.

B – Cheating :

1. Drafting of any motorized vehicle is strictly forbidden. Any Rider seen attempting to gain advantage by drafting a motorized vehicle will be immediately disqualified by route marshals.

2. Towing any other vehicle is strictly not allowed. A violation will lead to immediate disqualification and ban from future races.

3. Any rider seen using a motorized vehicle to move ahead on the course will be disqualified. If for any reason a rider decides to withdraw from the race, she/he must inform race official before taking any form of transport. If unable to establish telephonic contact, a sms or text message must be sent.

4. Any deliberate act of taking advantage over others is considered cheating and will lead to immediate disqualification.

C – Support Vehicle & Crew :

1. Support vehicles with a support crew may be used by riders or teams, to carry spare wheels etc and also be used for keeping riders supplied with nutrition and water.

2. Riders may make use of a support vehicle in the limited way as described below. Any deviation will lead to a penalty for the first offense and a immediate disqualification for the second offense.

3. Only stationary Hand-offs are allowed between crew and rider. Support vehicle can go to a safe distance ahead of the rider and the peloton, ensure that it does not obstruct other riders on the course, pull off the road as far as is possible to the left side to ensure traffic and other riders are not obstructed. A support crew may then exit the vehicle and hand over or take items from the rider.

4. Rider and crew in support vehicle may NOT make any hand offs from a moving vehicle. The first offense will be given a 5 minute penalty and the second offense will lead to an immediate disqualification. In the event that the hand off looks like an attempt was made to get towed it will be immediate disqualification at the first instance.

5. Riders will get a few minutes to take support at the Race Start on the Highway. After which support is allowed only after riders have crossed katraj tunnel, except in the case of a mechanical problem.

6. Support crew may provide support to the riders for bicycle punctures or other mechanical issues provided they ensure safe practices and do not obstruct other riders or traffic.

7. Support vehicle may NEVER be leading a rider. When passing a rider or a group of riders, vehicle must drive at traffic pace, in the traffic lane and get more than 100 mts. ahead of any rider, give a left turn signal and only pull over to the left if it can safely do so.

8. Crews are instructed to drive the vehicle in the middle lane, to the right side of the riders, at normal traffic pace when attempting to get ahead of the riders. Slowing down to have a extended conversation with the rider will lead to a penalty.

9. Crew must exercise extreme caution so as not to obstruct the riders when they want to pull out of the traffic and park at the left side. Unsafe practices will lead to an immediate disqualification.

10. Unsafe driving on the part of the support crew, obstruction of traffic, or obstruction of riders will lead to a penalty.

D – Unsafe Behaviour :

1. The safety of the entire group takes precedence over any single rider’s determination to win. Any unsafe behavior, intentional or unintentional, any attempt to push or otherwise cause injury to a fellow rider will be dealt with my road marshalls asking the rider to drop back, stop and wait for 5 mins.

2. Unsafe behavior on the part of the support crew in motorized vehicle will lead to an immediate disqualification.

E – Penalties & Disqualifications :

1. It is within the discretionary powers of the race officials to make a decision related to cheating or unsafe practices by rider or support crew .

2. It is within the discretionary powers of the race officials to issue a warning or a penalty based on their judgement.

3. In the situation of a fast paced race such as this, race marshals will take spot decisions and that it is rider’s responsibility to ensure and rider or support crew do not give any cause for doubt.

4. Race Marshals may not be able to issue any kind of warning or inform rider or crew of a first offense. Having noted the first offense they will immediately issue a disqualification on noting a second offense.

5. The race committee has the authority to override, modify or create rules based on unfolding circumstances during the course of the event, and that the Race Committee has the final word on any dispute.

Table of Penalties :

Terms & Conditions

I accept the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS for participating in Lifecycle Pune Bicycle Championship – 7th Edition Pune Panchgani 100K Classic

1. I have read and agree to abide by the Race Rules and Regulations.

2. I agree to comply with the traffic and road laws and regulations of India.

3. I fully understand and agree that I am entering this event entirely at my own risk and accept without exception full and complete liability for all and any risks and will not hold responsible nor make claims against Lifecycle and Pune Bicycle Championship, any of the participants or organiser, its committee members, agents or servants for any loss, damage or injury however caused in relation to my participation in this event.

4. I understand that when I am riding a bicycle, I am required to wear a properly secured helmet at all times during the event.

5. I understand that I am required to comply with all the safety requirements set out in the Race Rules.

6. I understand that fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance. Only in case organisers are forced to cancel the event will fees be refunded after deduction for operational expenses.

7. I agree to sign the waiver form and submit a copy of age proof/ID in the form of Driving Licence, School ID, Pan Card, Passport, at the time of Race Registration prior to the Race.

8. U-18 category riders have to get a copy of attached Parental Consent form duly signed by a parent.

9. I understand that any attempt at cheating or unsafe practices by myself or my support crew (as determined by the race officials on the road) will result in immediate disqualification.

10. I understand that in the situation of a fast paced race such as this, race marshals will take spot decisions and that it is my responsibility to ensure and I and my support crew do not give any cause for doubt.

11. I understand that the race committee has the authority to override, modify or create rules based on unfolding circumstances during the course of the event, and that the Race Committee has the final word on any dispute.

Other Support

Bike and Helmet Rentals

Lifecycle Mall – 020-24440035,36,37
Cymour – Aniket – 9049059779, 020 – 6060 3333

Bike Transport to and fro Start and Finish point

Cymour – Aniket – 9049059779, 020 – 6060 3333
For any queries call Lifecycle Mall 020-24440035,36,37

Camping on Island at Dunny Point (Gujarat)

WIFI Campers announcing the most awaiting Adventurous and unique Camp which WIFIERS are famous for

Camping on Island at Dunny Point (Gujarat)

Distance :- 1000km

Place :- Gujarat (Dunny Point)

TOUR DATES : Thursday 4th December 2014 to
Sunday 7th December 2014.

DURATION : 4 Days, 3 Nights.

TYPE OF OUTING : Eco Tour and purely adventurous.
WIFI campers in association with Center for Environment Education (CEE), Ahmedabad at Dunny Island.
• Star Gazing on full moon
• Crystal clear and untouched beach
• Stay in non-connected world with people you connect
• Snorkelling
• Sea Bath
• Explore the beaches and marine pools for corals, shells galore, sea slugs, crabs, anemones and other exciting aquatic life.
• Dolphin watching
• Meditation on the beach
• Environment awareness
• Living in natural surroundings with natural resources.

Dunny Point is embraced by the Sea and close by are coral islands. The calm Sea is unbelievable, making Dunny Point an unique place where you can swim and sunbathe. The Sea around offers are a wide array of attractions like playful Dolphins, marine turtles, and if you are lucky, the rare and highly endangered Dugong. At night, you can sit back and marvel at the velvet night, sky studded with brilliant stars so few of us imagined exist. Dunny is located at extreme west of India results in late Sun Rise and late Sun Set. This is the place where we can see Sun set and Moon rise all at the same time at 180 degree.

TOUR COST: INR. 5500/- per person (Cost is from Okha station to Okha station, Travel cost from Mumbai to Okha is not included in this cost.)


Day 1 : Thursday 4th December 2014.
Train arrival at Okha station at 4:00 p.m.
Check-in in Hotel near Okha station for bath and freshen up.
Close to sunset leave from OKHA jetty for Dunny Island.`
Welcome on arrival on campsite followed by introductions to the staff on the site. The Do’s and Don’t’s of camping precede, assigning shelters etc.
Dinner, After Dinner Camp Objectives are discussed.
Day 2: Friday 5th December 2014.
The next day begins with a sunrise dip in the sea.
Breakfast is followed by a general discussion on marine life.
Free time to explore is given before grouping for sea bathing.
After lunch and rest time for some natural games and learnings.
Sunset watch
Early dinner
Star Gazing
Day 3 : Saturday 6th December 2014.
The 3rd day opens with the usual sunrise dip.
Depending on the tide breakfast is either served or packed and carried for a visit to coral areas.
Return to campsite for sea bath, lunch and some rest.
Evening tea, Nature games
Final session on conservation followed by sunset watch.
Cultural program
Star gazing
Day 4 : Sunday 7th December 2014.
Morning Breakfast
Pack-up and board the boat for departure.
Reach OKHA Jetty and proceed to catch return train to Mumbai.
For booking you need to deposit Rs. 5,500/- in the following Account:

Booking Closing Date is 14-10-2014 with limited seats.
Account Name – Hemant Harilal Patel
Bank – ICICI Bank
Branch – Nariman Point
A/c Number: 000401664798

To enroll for this Outing Call us –
Reshma : +91 9967775926
Hemant Patel : +91 9867573666
Hemant Jadhav : +917738158006