Everest climb

So, after a few minutes of soul searching on his 20th birthday Imy decided his lifelong dream was to climb Everest. I decided to take him seriously so here we are..
Obviously we’ll need a bit of time to get in shape, it’ll need a fair bit of money and apparently if we go any time apart from April to May we’ll just die from the harsh weather conditions so the spring after we finish uni sounds like a good time to go to give us plenty of time to practise and save up the money.

This idea WILL NOT fizzle out after a few weeks. I’m well up for it.

Update – One year on I’ve just turned 20, Imy 21, and the birthday blues gave him a fresh drive to climb everest. He has actually started going to the gym now, which is some progress, although he’s also taken up smoking which probably will make this a little more difficult. Therefore I’ve put the date back to 2026 (we’ll be around 35-36 if I’ve got my maths right) so we’ll have more time to raise the cash and it’ll be a bit less of a tragedy if we both die in the attempt


Colorado River Rafting Trip – 7 spots open

A rafting trip down the Colorado river is an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity. The waiting list used to take 20 years for a slot to come up, but in 2006 the National Park Service changed the rules to a lottery system. Slots are assigned a year in advance, and the odds of landing one in prime high season are 680 – 1 against. The expectation is that it will still take 20 years. This is a biggie on my “Things to do before I die” list, and considering the wait, better get a move on.
Small groups of 8 or less are permitted down the river in what’s classified as a non-commercial nature. That means the group has to plan out the trip and make all the arrangements themselves. I’m assembling a group of adventurous folks who want to maximize their two weeks.

Anybody who wants to go should be aware of, and prepared for/to:

Strenuous daily exercise.
Extended wilderness camping.
Not insignificant food/equipment/travel expenses (figure about $1200).
A consciousness expanding experience.

Odds are, we won’t win the lottery this time around, but if we do, there will be absolutely NO backing out or canceling. Landing a spot is tougher then getting a membership at the Soho house, or a reservation with Ducasse so this is only for those who will definitely be able to attend. If a spot comes up, you must be able to drop everything and go. It’s over a year out. Tell your employers now.

I’ve requested the following (2012) dates:

Sunday, July 1 – Sunday, July 15
Saturday, August 4 – Saturday, August 18
Sunday, May 20 – Sunday, June 3
Sunday, August 26 – Sunday, September 9
Saturday, April 28 – Saturday. May 12

Lottery entries are accepted the first three weeks of February only. Had I known about this sooner, I would have gotten the ball rolling sooner. If anybody knows fuurshuur that they’re definitely in, I encourage you to go and submit an application (thus doubling our chances) at this link here:


Go NOW! Lottery closes February 23 at noon. That’s tomorrow.

**If you know anybody else who might be interested, pass it on.

Roundtrip airfare from NYC is running $3-400 to Vegas.